Greetings and thank you for visiting this ministry. Although I am located in Central Virginia, I remain committed to assisting all churches everywhere in establishing a Safety Teams, training teams, creating an Emergency Action Plan, conducting Physical Security Assessments and in general ensuring that congregants may worship in safety and peace.

While there is cost associated with training offerings, seminars and other work, no church will ever be denied a needed service due to their inability to pay.

A little about me: After graduating from college in 1991 I embarked on what is now a 28 year career in Law Enforcement and Anti-Terrorism. I served as a Federal Police Officer in Tidewater, Virginia; I then worked for the Commonwealth of Virginia as an Investigator, Probation Officer and Training Officer/Firearms instructor for a little over 10 years. In 2002, following the 911 attacks, I joined the United States Pentagon Police (Defense Protective Service at the time) as a Police Officer and Field Training Officer. Following reassignment to the Firearms Training Unit, I became a Sergeant and supervised that unit for several years prior to my retirement from the police force in 2012.

I began a second career with the Pentagon Force Protection Agency in 2012 working in Antiterrorism as a Physical Security Specialist and serving on an Explosives Detection Unit. I continue to be so employed at the present time.

For the past several years I have become active in serving as a resource for houses of worship who require assistance in ensuring their safety and security. I have worked with numerous churches in establishing and training their safety teams, conducting comprehensive physical security assessments, facilitating active shooter training, concealed carry classes, advanced multiple-weapon firearms training, NRA certified classes, basic defensive tactics, emergency first aid/CPR/AED and general safety procedural upgrades.

Currently I am the Co-Director of Safety and Security at Hartwood Presbyterian Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am a member of the Faith Based Security Network and of the National Coalition of Worship Safety Teams, which is working to establish a set of national certification standards for Church Safety Programs and Safety Team Staff.

II have spoken at seminars and events across the country to include the WFX Church Training Conference in Orlando In September, 2019. I look forward to continuing my ministry by allowing worshippers to always have a safe place to pray.

In His Reverence,

Glenn Blandford